Our dining room color swatches.

We have been in our home for a year!  Which means Justin’s fight against me painting, saying that we “shouldn’t paint for a year”, is officially over!  The white walls haven’t been all bad and I’ve tried over the last year to get into the white wall, minimalist look, but I NEED color.

First room to be conquered with paint is the dining room and I may be crazy, but I have decided on pink.  Not too frilly (I hope), but more of a dirty pink.  In my head it looks stunning, so I can only hope that it comes to existence looking just as good.  In the meantime I have been struggling to find the “perfect” pink and everyone in the house has been on opposite sides, so I took to Insta for a little vote.

After tallying up everyone’s amazing opinions the soon-to-be dining room paint color is Rosewater (The middle one) which makes Justin and Jax pretty happy because that was their color choice as well!  I’m pretty nervous and also excited to see how it all turns out!  Honestly I loved all of the pinks and would have been happy with any of them.

If you are feeling as (daring?) as me, the information for all three colors are below!

Behr Marquee – Bella Mia – MQ3-05u

Behr – Rosewater – S170-2u

Home Decorators Collection – Vintage Tea Rose – HDC-CT-07Au