DIY felt flower headband

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m in a bit of a love affair with felt these days, and I’m not going to lie to you, it’s getting pretty serious. The two of us took a very long break sometime in middle school but have recently found each other again. Despite the glue gun burns covering my fingers and the fuzzy felt balls covering my clothes I think we are gonna last this time. Before these last few projects I never really gave felt too much credit, mostly because I never realized everything it was capable of! Now that I’ve spent a little time with it, my eyes are definitely opened. Team felt, forever.

After finishing up my felt puzzles I still had a TON of the stuff left over. I thought, hey, I just made something for Jax, how about something for Lu? Well, it’s probably more for me, but who’s to judge. With vacation right around the corner a gorgeous over the top floral headband was definitely in order. It also doesn’t hurt that we were just in time to be festive for the Kentucky Derby, but who am I kidding really? She will pretty much wear this everyday.

If you also happen to be in need of a beautiful special occasion (every single day) floral head band then check ours out below. I have put together a step by step tutorial for the head band and each individual flower! Get your felt here.


1. Cut leaves (I made seven but only used 6) 1 1/2in in length and 1/2in in width, but these sizes should vary to give a fuller look when put together.


1. Cut leaves about 1in in length and 1/2in in width. Sizes can and should vary for a fuller look.

2. On the base of your leaf (the fatter, less pointy side) put a dab of glue in the middle near the bottom and pinch the felt together. Hold until it dries.


1. Start with a 4in by 4in square and cut it in half so you have two rectangles.

2. Fold each rectangle in half and starting at the folded side cut almost to the end of the felt. So that you have a slit. Make these cuts all the way down your rectangles and as close to each other as you can without wearing the felt.

3. Unfold.

4. Start with one side of the rectangle and roll it, hot gluing the bottom (the uncut side) here and there as you go.

5. Continue until finished and secure with hot glue.

6. Fluff out your loops.


Cut a bunch of mini petals (I cut 6), basically the size you want the flower to be. I wanted this to be a tiny pop of color so I made each petal very small. Around 1/4in in length and width. These petals definitely vary in size to add dimension. Glue the petals together at the bottom (the pointy side) in a circular pattern. 


1. Start with a 4in by 4in Square piece of felt.

2. Cut in half.

3. Put one half on top of the other and start cutting out long thin petals with the top of the petal resembling the top of a heart.

4. Cut out smaller petals that resemble the large ones with the excess of the felt.

5. Lay out the petals (mine are still stacked so there are actually 16 petals there)

6. With another color of felt, cut out some long triangle pieces the same length as the small petals.

7. Glue the wide sides of the long triangles together. Start to glue the smaller petals around the triangles at the bottom.

8. Continue to glue the petals around each other, gluing them together at the bottom. First using up the small petals, and then using the large ones.

9. Cut green leaves 1 1/2in in length and 1in in width.

10. On the base of your leaf (the fatter, less pointy side) put a dab of glue in the middle near the bottom and pinch the felt together. Hold until it dries.

11. Glue two of the leaves to the bottom of the flower. You can always make more. I had three and used one elsewhere on the headband.

12. Make sure everything is adhered together.


1. Start with a 4in by 4in square piece of felt.

2. In a circular motion starting wide and working your way in, cut in a wiggly fashion making something that loosely looks like petals.

3. Start with the inside of the circle and tightly wrap the rest of the circle around it so that the smaller looking petals are on the inside and the large ones on the outside.

4. Cut out a 2in in length by 1in in width piece of a different color fabric.

5. Cut this rectangle the same way as the “loopy flower”

6. Place the dark loopy flower inside the red flower and glue it together.


1. Cut a rectangle 2 1/2in in length and 1in in width.

2. Start to roll the rectangle and glue it together. Stop when you’ve reached the thickness you want.

3. Cut the remaining felt off and cut some little leaves.

4. Glue on leaves.


1. Cut a petal 2 1/2in in length and 1in in width.

2. Roll the petal starting with the fat end and hot gluing along the way.

3. Cut a leaf wide enough to wrap around the flower bud and slightly taller.

4. Hot glue the leaf to the bud and wrap it around it.


1. Start with a 4in by 4in square piece of felt.

2. Staring on the outside and working your way in cut a squiggly swirl out of the felt.

3. Starting with the inside of the swirl, wrap the felt around itself until you have reached the size of flower you want or have used all of your felt.

4. Optional – add a leaf.

*I made a few of these in all different sizes to place around the large one.


Cut loose petal of varying sizes.


1. Cut a piece of panty hose 10in in length and 1.5in in width.

2. Stretch it out so that it rolls into itself.

3. Cut an oval out of felt 3.5in in length and 1.5in in width. Cut two slits on either side of the oval.

4. Put the panty hose through the two holes and then glue the ends together.


These pictures show the step by step process I took to arrange the flowers on Lu’s headband, but you should arrange them however you want! Depending on the colors you choose and the differences in your flowers, there may be a better way!

1. Move the glued part of the panty hose to the top of the oval and glue it in place.

2. Glue some of the long leaves onto the side of the oval.

3. Place the rose on top of the bottom of the long leaves.

4. On the other side of the headband, glue the largest flower, the violet flower.

5. In-between the rose and the violet flower, glue the red flower.

6. Next to the violet flower, glue the stick and the rest of the long leaves so that they are hanging off of the felt oval.

7. Glue the rose bud to the bottom of the rose.

8. Glue the extra small roses around the large rose and rose bud.

9. Glue the loopy flower underneath the red flower.

10. For a little color pop, glue the small blue flower next to the stick, loopy flower, and long leaves.

11. Fill in any empty spaces with extra leaves.

12. Take the loose petals and glue them underneath the loopy flower. Start with the big petals and layer them with the smaller ones.