Little Adventures Dress up.

If you haven’t gone over to Little Adventures and checked out their amazing dress up clothes, then hurry up and go now.  They are by far some of the cutest things I have ever seen, and after trying some out ourselves, I will definitely be starting a whole collection.

I have been pretty weary of costume play because of the normally itchy fabric or pricky velcro and uncomfy seams.  Until now my only experience with dress up clothing were the terrible costumes that I have come in contact with at the pop up Halloween shops.  Little did I know that there are not just suitable alternatives, but ones that actually exceed what I could have imagined.  Jax has always been a little picky about what he wears and he is definitely not one to tolerate any discomfort, so for him to put these on, keep them on, and completely enjoy them is HUGE for us and says a lot about them.

His eyes lit up the second we opened the package and he saw the dragon and knight outfits inside.  I was positive the dragon was going to be the one that drew him in, but instead he fell in love with the knight, and slaying daddy.  He took the costumes to the pool, to the playground, and to our neighbors, where everyone fell in love with them.  The sword has been swimming, many dragons have been chased by many knights, and we can’t get enough.

Check out their high quality, super comfy dress up costumes for yourself and let your kids be sucked into a whole new world.

Pictured here is the adventure knight cape and sword set and the dragon cloak in green/gold