“The rumors are true!” save the date.

RumorsaretrueInvite3It feels so good to be designing invitations again! At the beginning of my third trimester I stopped taking on weddings since Jax was going to be born in early March and that is my crunch time for printing, cutting, assembling, etc. It was hard enough finishing up the wedding I had and I remember some long nights in my office taking turns between cutting and printing and nursing and rocking! Now he is nearly a year old and I finally feel like I can handle taking jobs on again comfortably. I am sure I could have started earlier but having this one on one time with him has been the highlight of my life. I never felt pulled toward something else and never felt like there was something I had to get done on a deadline. I am so lucky to have been able to have this experience and wouldn’t exchange it for the world. But alas, I am ready to get back to designing! I never knew how much I could miss it! And the best part is I am working with some really fun brides!

This year I seem to be doing a lot of destination weddings, this one included. What I love about them most is that the guest list tends to be smaller and the couples tend to choose a more fun and informal invitation. Especially when it comes to the save the date. They are the first invitation to go out and you can have so much fun with them.  I love when a save the date is unique and truly reflects the couple. This one definitely does. From talking to this bride you can tell she is laid back, fun loving, and has a great sense of humor. She wanted something fun and light that would also hint at a great party! RumorsaretrueInvite5RumorsaretrueInvite6