Life Size Character Drawings

Over the last month I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Little Adventures Dress Up’s to create fun new content that can spark imaginative play!  Something we love over here.  If Jaxon isn’t in a super hero suit and Lu in a princess dress AT LEAST once a day, then I don’t even know who’s house I’m in.

You have probably seen my take on life size coloring pages in the past (but if not, check them out here!).  The kids love them,  and what we have been addicted to creating the last couple days is a kind of variation of them!

Instead of making them HUGE this time, I made them kid size.  Specifically, my kid’s size.

Taking a roll of paper, we unraveled the same length as each of the kids height and taped them on the wall.  Lu’s dress is pretty puffy and Jaxon wanted to be shooting web, so I did two pieces of paper side by side for each of them.

Once everything was all taped up and nicely secured to the wall we had the kids stand against it in their favorite pose and be as still as possible while we traced them with a black marker.  I did a (very) quick outline at first and then went back after the kids moved to put their costume details in.  You can also trace them on the ground before hanging the paper if they would rather look like they are floating or flying!

When you go back and do the details, remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  A loose drawing is all you need.  Lu’s dress was covered in flowers so I tried to replicate them by making a few loose flowers and then some swirls.  From a step back, it looks perfect!  Especially since it will soon be scribbled alllllll over.

After the detail is in, it’s go time!  Jax was basically jumping with anticipation to color everything in (I made him wait for me to finish lu’s too… haha).  They had so much fun looking at themselves and their costumes and then coloring in the colors where they were supposed to go.  Well, Jax did.  Lu was more of free spirit scribbler, but she did it with conviction and we all loved it!

I like to keep it to crayons.  My kids are on a big marker kick right now and there was a whole house ban on them while creating these.  For the most part I have been able to get marker out of everything it’s touched, but I wasn’t in a gambling mood the last couple of days.

It may seem like even with crayons this is a super messy idea and basically teaches kids to color on the walls.  Which, I won’t lie, this all started AFTER Jax went crazy on our entire downstairs walls.  But, crayon comes off of (painted) walls easily.  I use a dry rag and it takes it right off.  Now if you have flat walls, like we did at the time of Jaxon’s wall coloring experiment, it doesn’t come off.  We had to paint all the walls.  I will never forget THAT!

All other walls should be fine, haha!