The day we met.

Every time I brush on the subject of how Justin and I met the room fills with “oooooo’s” and “awwww’s”.  We met on Valentines day, neither of us were looking for someone, it all feel into place… that sort of deal.  And, in all honesty, all those things are true.  It WAS Valentines day.  Neither of us were LOOKING for anyone, and it did fall RIGHT into place.  Kinda.

That particular Valentines day was our now mutual friend’s 21st birthday.   But on that day I had no idea who he was and I had no idea who Justin was.  All I knew of Justin was that he was the guy walking 5 steps behind our friend apologizing to everyone he left in his drunken wake.  Thinking about It still makes me laugh to this day because our friend is one of the most wonderful, loyal and caring people you could meet.  But on that day?  On that day every girl at the bar was either a “whore” or a “sweet cheeks”.  No in between.  And the claims were far from whispered.  Luckily, I was the latter.

As fate would have it I was cut early from the bar I worked at that night and went to meet a girlfriend out for drinks to shake all those Valentines feels off.  I didn’t even see it coming when I was approached out of nowhere and called a “sweet cheeks”.  I think I may have even been stunned by the sudden approach and let’s be honest, super “unique” term of endearment.  However, my reaction was much better than the reactions of all the other girls glaring behind him that I’m only guessing most have made up the “whores” category.

Justin and I barely had a chance to talk by the time our friend had pulled out his old school (but at that time super cool) digital camera and snapped a photo of himself, Justin, another one of my now best friends and myself.  I had no idea at that moment that I would ever see that picture again, let alone that the people in it would make up my future family and friends.  If I had known…. well, I probably would have smiled in it.  Instead I made a face that to this day I can not replicate the pure horror and disgust in it.  Believe me, I try, every single year.

After the picture Justin followed me to the next destination and we talked and talked.  Right up until he was called away to pull our friend out of some random girls car, which he was buckled into… alone… while they stood outside.  We exchanged numbers before he left, I played hard to get in the upcoming weeks, you know, the whole deal.  And here we are, so so so so many years later.

Every year we go back and take the same photo, in the same seats, in the same bar.  Or at least we try.  There have been a few years now that the bar was closed down or not open at the time, but we work with it and take the photo as close as we can.  It is crazy to think that this year made up the tenth photo we have ever taken.

Nine years we have all been together and every year we celebrate what that night gave us, more so Justin and myself, but still all of our lives changed in some way.

To think I am actually WILLINGLY posting these photos on the internet is horrifying in itself.  To say that they don’t show me in the best of light would be kind, but they do show one of the most important days in my life.

So enjoy the laugh, you are welcome.

Here they are, in order from the first photo we took to the last.  On the left is Justin, above him on top is his best friend Eric, with me in the middle, and the man who started it all on the right, Evan.

Evan is now engaged, so we HAD to add her to our photo!  I told her she shouldn’t be allowed to soberly pick her pose…. but we agreed this one was suitable.