Baby-Led Weaning: Week 11

Well, not much change over here. In fact, we may have even gone slightly backwards… Both of our evening and morning feedings are still firmly in place and I have even caved in and let him “nurse” throughout the day on occasion too when he has been a little upset *gasp! I didn’t think it would cause too much harm because I have hardly had any milk lately and Jax mostly just wants to do it for comfort. But I was very very wrong. I ended up with another clogged duct. Turns out that me letting him nurse more often caused me to start making more milk (Duh…). Then it of course got infected and my fever ended up going crazy. Thank goodness I still had some antibiotics from the first time I got mastitis and was able to use the leftovers without going to the doctor again.

And to think, I was just telling someone the other day how painless of an experience BLW has been for me so far. Figures, haha.

Jax will be 9 months old tomorrow, so we have been weaning for three months now. Everything up until now has been such a smooth and gradual process that I hardly noticed how long it has actually been. It helps too that we didn’t go into this with a deadline and are able to just let things happen naturally. Which is good because I don’t see us getting rid of this morning feeding for a while. Slowly he has been waking up earlier and earlier to nurse and cuddle. Today he woke up at 6am which is two hours earlier than his normal wake up time. I’m starting to think he likes the morning snuggles as much as mommy.