Beautiful, yummy and EASY cocktails.

For my tupperware party this weekend I wanted to do things a little different. Not everyone is into tupperware (I just recently found this out….) but one thing most people enjoy is getting together with friends. So instead of having a “tupperware party” I wanted to have a “cocktail party” with tupperware. It was great because not only did all the girls come, but the guys came too. They hung out outside due to an unseasonably beautiful day, but regardless, everyone came to visit, and maybe even buy a little tupperware.

Our consultant was an old childhood friends with my mom, so it was fun to talk and reminisce. She had plenty of games to play and all kinds of ways to win free stuff, LOTS of free stuff. I was actually surprised at how much you can really come home with at a party like that. Even Jax got his own penguin water bottle! So no one went home empty handed, and everyone had a great time. As for the cocktails, all my guinea pigs loved them! They will definitely be future keepers in my cocktail collection.

I have to confess that when I was making these I was kind of winging it. So it is a good thing there aren’t very many ingredients to mess up! haha. Having bartended for a long time I have a somewhat good idea of what can go with what but it helps that these aren’t very complicated. I like to think of them as very-easy-but-tastes-tricky drink options. I really loved them because to me they tasted like spring, which was perfect for a nearly 70 degree day in february. Both drinks only have 2 or 3 ingredients!

Tupperware&Cocktails1Wine-soda – one bottle of VERY sweet red wine and one 2 liter of 7-up.

I was recently given a bottle of red wine called Reggae Red that was so sweet it actually tasted like grape juice. To be honest it was a little scary to drink because you could hardly tell the difference between the two! The only thing missing was a little bit of bubbles. After adding the 7-up it tasted just like a red wine pop. Add some berries for an extra decoration (or snack, haha).Tupperware&Cocktails8Raspberry lemonade – Half a liter of raspberry vodka, a 2 liter of lemonade, and a 5 second squirt of blackberry raspberry Mio squirt. This is a less complex version of a drink I created for my wedding. Instead of all of the extra flavorings I found that the drink squirters like Mio offer the same flavor! You can add as much or as little as you like to get the taste you are looking for. It is a great way to add big flavor to a drink without spending a lot of money. Not to mention it is delicious! Add some lemon slices for decoration!

I hope you like them as much as we did.