Valentines Centerpiece.

LavenderCenterpieceI don’t know if it’s V-day slowly approaching, but I am really obsessed with mixing purple and red together right now. In a desperate attempt to get rid of the pine cones and greenery, if only for a short period of time, I decided to lighten up the house a bit with some pretty spring flowers. I am not necessarily in a rush to get rid of winter, in fact I really love it. Mostly for two reasons: Christmas and snowboarding. Unfortunately This year our Christmas was greener then our Easter probably will be so all that I have left is my snowboarding! Luckily, one week from today we leave for our first trip! After not being able to go last year when I was pregnant I am beyond excited to make up for lost time!

In the house though it was time for some light happy decor, and Valentines was the perfect time to make that happen. So peace out snow-covered pine trees and glittery winter wreaths, at least for the time being! LavenderCenterpiece9LavenderCenterpiece4LavenderCenterpiece10